Roger Dodger


Smug ad man Roger (Campbell Scott) is happy to oblige when Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), his 16-year-old nephew, asks for advice on matters of the opposite sex. Trouble is, Roger’s an acid-tongued cynic who alienates every woman he encounters. So, like a wolf instructing a lamb in the ways of the world, Roger subjects Nick to a crash course in sexist behavior during a nighttime crawl through the mating grounds of New York City. As the evening progresses, however, Nick displays a far greater understanding of relationships than does his self-indulgent uncle. By turns hilarious and chilling, this terrific black comedy is carried triumphantly by Scott’s tour-de-force performance. He’s in good company with Eisenberg, as well as Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Beals, and Elizabeth Berkley as the women they meet – and invariably insult – on their excursion.

Grade: A

Kinsey Scale: 1 (Scott played gay in the first AIDS drama, Longtime Companion. Beals was a dancing welder in gay fave Flashdance, and Berkley starred in Showgirls, one of the campiest movies of all time.)

 (Appeared in Q Syndicate)