The Guru (Q Syndicate)


After moving to New York in search of fame and fortune, an Indian dance teacher (Jimi Mistry) is mistaken for an enlightened sexual advisor by a flaky socialite (Marisa Tomei). He’s aided in the charade by an unwitting porn actress (Heather Graham), who shares her philosophies on sex with him because she believes he’s training for a career in adult films. Combining the giddy exuberance of India’s distinctive Bollywood musicals with the tried-and-true formulas of American romantic comedies, this quirky love story pokes gentle fun at Bollywood’s cinematic extravaganzas, even as it gleefully incorporates the genre’s corny conventions, vivid color palettes, and dazzling production numbers. Although exceedingly silly, the film ultimately succeeds by evoking the qualities of the movies it sends up: sincerity, humor, and enthusiasm to spare.

Grade: B

Kinsey Scale: 4 (A campy tone prevails throughout, particularly in the dizzying musical numbers, a few of which are set to the music of Grease.  A character unexpectedly comes out of the closet, making for a surprisingly moving homo happy ending. Director Daisy von Scherler Mayer helmed gay fave Party Girl. Graham appeared in the lesbian-flavored Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Tomei was in the TV AIDS drama My Own Country. Michael McKean, who appears as a porn director, was a transsexual hooker in Never Again and a gay dog owner in Best In Show. Christine Baranski, seen here as a hysterically droll aristocrat, has a string of gay-themed credits, including The Birdcage, Jeffrey, and Cruel Intentions.)

 (Appeared in Q Syndicate)