Friday After Next


Following their suburban adventures in Next Friday, clueless cousins Craig (Ice Cube) and Day-Day (Mike Epps) have moved back to the ‘hood. Now it’s Christmas Eve, and a burglar has just made off with their rent money. Threatened with eviction by their unpleasant landlady, the two take jobs as security guards at a local shopping center, where they become involved in one chaotic episode after another. Although mildly amusing, much of the action consists simply of chasing booty, smoking weed, and running from thugs. This is the third outing for the Friday gang, and although there’s still a lot going on at the end of Craig’s week, it’s really just the same old stuff.

Grade: C

Kinsey Scale: 2 (The boys are motivated to pay their rent after a threat to “get their salad tossed” by the landlady’s son, a gay ex-con named Damon. Later scenes go for laughs by depicting Damon lustfully watching a Tupac Shakur video and trying to rape a mincing “pimp” at a Christmas party.)

 (Appeared in Q Syndicate)