Dark Blue (Q Syndicate)


Set against the urban unrest that exploded in Los Angeles after the 1992 beating of Rodney King, this gripping police thriller showcases an inspired performance by Kurt Russell as a racist cop with a disturbingly distorted sense of justice. As the city simmers in hostility awaiting a verdict in the King-beating trial, Eldon Perry (Russell) and his rookie partner Bobby (Scott Speedman) investigate a high-profile quadruple homicide. When their deeply corrupt boss (Brendan Gleeson) instructs them to pin the murders on a pair of innocent ex-cons, Eldon’s moral deficiencies – as well as those of the force – become increasingly apparent to Bobby, forcing him to reconsider his loyalty. Eschewing flashy pyrotechnics, the film generates nerve-racking tension by skillfully juxtaposing the racially charged story with the pervasive threat of a violent inner-city uprising.

Grade: A

Kinsey Scale: 1 (Ving Rhames, seen here as a politically ambitious deputy chief, explored his feminine side as a drag queen with a heart of gold in Holiday Heart. Lolita Davidovich, appearing briefly as Eldon’s estranged wife, was in Gods and Monsters, about gay director James Whale.

(Appeared in Gay City News)