Darkness Falls


This macabre misfire scrapes the bottom of the idea barrel by reimagining the tooth fairy as a vengeful spirit who butchers anyone who lays eyes on her. Having seen the specter kill his mother when he lost his last tooth as a boy, the now-grown Kyle (Chaney Kley) lives in constant fear of the spirit. Nevertheless, he returns to his hometown when summoned by his childhood sweetheart (Emma Caulfield), whose younger brother has been haunted by visions of the phantom since losing a tooth of his own. Quick cuts and loud noises generate a few mild scares, but there’s no disguising the fact that this is merely a tired rehash of Horror 101. Masked villains, creepy kids, spooky folk legends and gratuitous T&A – it’s all been done before, and much, much better.

Grade: F

Kinsey Scale: (Kley, who appeared in the camp fest _Legally Blonde_, had a guest spot on gay TV fave _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_, the show in which Caulfield has a regular role as an ex-demon.)

(Appeared in Gay City News)